SEO for your Jekyll blog

Improve search engine optimization for your blog

Posted by Vincent Daubry on October 21, 2014

This post is part of a series of articles on how to setup a Jekyll blog :

Part 3: SEO

There are some simple things you can do to improve the SEO of your blog, here is the list of changes I made to the clean blog template :

1) Do not systematically include the blog name in the title tag

source : 5 Common SEO Mistakes with Web Page Titles

The clean blog template include the blog name in every post title, which is bad :

<title>{% if page.title %}{{ page.title }} - {{ site.title }}{% else %}{{ site.title }}{% endif %}</title>

2) Use a specific meta description for each page of the blog

source : Meta Description Tag - Learn SEO

The clean blog template include the blog description on post page, you should use a specific description for each post :

<meta name="description" content="{{ site.description }}">

3) Use the meta rel = author for each blog page

source: How to Implement the Rel=”Author” Tag – A Step by Step Guide

Link the page to your google+ profil :

<link rel="author" href=""/>

4) Generate a sitemap for your blog

A sitemap provides search engine crawler informations about your website structure and pages it should index.

You can easily generate one by adding the jekyll-sitemap gem to your _config.xml, just follow these instructions

5) Add a robots.txt file

A robots.txt file provides informations to crawlers about pages you want to exclude from indexing. You should also specify the path to your sitemap.

Add a similar file to the root of your project :


User-agent: *
Sitemap: {{ site.url }}/sitemap.xml

That’s it ! Do you see other improvements we can make to a Jekyll blog SEO ?

Code for this blog can be found here :